How to Simplify your Packing Process

packaging material machine how to simply your packing process

In a world of packaging that has become increasingly specialized, many top manufacturers are bucking the trend, seeking to get back-to-basics with no-nonsense, simplified packaging. With simpler packaging comes standardized packaging methods, which can decrease costs while increasing efficiency and profits. Interested? Read on for some ways to simplify your packaging process:

Choose standard bag types with packaging material machine
Choosing a standard package type like the PILLOW BAG can greatly simplify your packaging process. The pillow bag does not usually require special assemblies to produce on packaging equipment, and it can usually run at much faster speeds. Because this bag type requires fewer steps to produce, it is also less likely to experience related quality issues.

Modern packaging equipment can handle multiple bag sizes with a single machine, but certain key components of the equipment must be changed over when switching from one size to another. When a changeover occurs, the machine is offline and as such is not producing. If a manufacturer is looking to simplify their packaging process, ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF FREQUENT CHANGEOVERS on OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS is a good step to take. Standardizing bag sizes when possible is a great way to reduce changeover frequency and resulting downtime.

Standardize your package design
Having a neutral package design that works for many demographics and seasons can be very advantageous. When standardizing package design, packaging material costs and inventories will decrease. Top companies are also seeing the broad marketing advantages of simple, no-nonsense packaging that appeals to a greater swath of consumers. In a sea of choices, overwhelmed customers find easily identifiable package designs with plain language to be more inviting, comforting, and transparent in their advertising.

Choose standard packaging equipment
Standard, stock packaging systems generally cost less to purchase and maintain and can be acquired on a shorter lead time than custom systems. And while you may have to sacrifice some specialization when choosing a standard model, you’d be surprised how VERSATILE STANDARD PACKAGING EQUIPMENT REALLY IS. Custom equipment still has its place, don’t get us wrong. But there are trade-offs that must be carefully weighed when deciding whether to acquire stock packaging equipment or design a system from scratch.

Assess and consolidate your product assortment
Easier said than done, we know. But taking an honest look at your product assortment and trimming unnecessary or redundant iterations can greatly simplify not only your packaging process but your sales process and customer purchase decision path as well. Consolidation of products usually means also consolidating your package designs, which reduces costs from a packaging material and inventory perspective.

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