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Machinery for Packing DPP-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Machinery for Packing DPP-80 Automatic Blister Packing Machine

DPP-80 is the one of the pharmaceutical packaging solutions for small batches, pharmaceutical R&D and pilot plants. It allows forming thermoplastic and cold forming materials (Alu-Alu) and stands out for its simple operation, high reliability and compact design. Its main structure is made of stainless steel. Automation by PLC and operation through touch screen control panel. It has pneumatic drives, which lend it high robustness and low maintenance. It is suggested for R&D departments, considering that its easy operation and maintenance makes it user-friendly to personnel that are not familiar with the use of blister machines.This machine is specially designed for laboratories, dosage rooms in hospital, small pharmaceutical factories, small motor test workshops, and medical institutes. It is suitable for AL/PL packaging for any shape of objects, such as capsules, tablets, pellets, sugar-coated tablets, candies, milk tablets, small pieces of metal etc.

  It uses the advanced high-power transmission mechanism to arrange the chain and drive the main driving shaft. 

 The machine has an imported control system and a frequency inverter. A detection device is also installed optionally to avoid empty blister package.

 A photoelectrical control system controls the automatic feeding of PVC, PTP and duralumin packaging and the automatic waste edge slitter, ensuring the stability of work synchronization within long distance.

 A photoelectrical correction device along with an imported stepping motor enables the matching image-word packaging and improves the grade of the packaging.

 The machine is widely used in the fields of medicine, food, medical instruments, hardware and electronic products.

DPP-80 is flexible and allows the adding of a great variety of accessories and optional extras:

 Aided forming


 Inspection and rejecting control systems.

 Print mark registration

 Automatic feeder


Shape forming -- Filing -- Heat sealing -- Printing code -- Embossing -- Punching (Blanking) -- Finished products

structure of DPP-80 blister packing machine



Punching frequency

10-30 times/min.

Production capacity

2400 pcs/hour

      Max.forming area and depth

70*110*26 mm

Standard stroke range

20-80 mm (can be customized)

Air pressure

0.6-0.8 Mpa

Total power

380V/220V  3.0Kw

Main motor power


PVC hard Film

0.15-0.5*80 mm

PTP Aluminum film

0.02-0.035*80 mm

Overall dimension



450 kg

Noise index


details about DPP-180 blister packaging machine

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