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Blister machine DPP-120H Multifunctional Bubble Packaging Machine

Blister machine DPP-120H Multifunctional Bubble Packaging Machine

DPP-120H multifunctional automatic aluminum (aluminum) bubble cap packing machine, the machine is synthesizing the innovative advantages of domestic and foreign aluminum plastic packaging machines. The contact part of the drug is made by stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy materials, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, health care products packaging industry plain tablets, sugar coated tablets, capsules, can be packaged tomato sauce, chocolate sauce, honey and so on. The machine adopts the pharmaceutical packaging technology and implementation of GMP production equipment. KOSBEST, one of the pharmaceutical packaging companies, the products have been sold to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and large and medium-sized hospitals, and exported to more than 20 countries and regions, favored by customers.

        ▇ Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, mechanical traction;

        ▇ Adjustable stroke, adjustable range of 30-100mm, convenient adjustment, accurate synchronization;

        ▇ Equipped with four stations and each station to install four posts, the adjustment is more stable operation;

        ▇ The use of plate mold, positive pressure molding, batch number, indentation tangent, aluminum automatic discharge;

        ▇ The configuration of a set of universal feeder, the filling rate is as high as 99.5%;

        ▇ The machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, adjustment and maintenance space, etc.

blister packaging manufactured by DPP-120H bubble packaging machine

● It adopts the newest type high-power transmission mechanism to arrange the chain and drive the main driving shaft. The errors and noises of other gear wheel transmission can be avoided.

● Imported controlling system is adopted; also it can be equipped with detecting and rejection function device for number of medicines according to the user’s requirement.

● The machine adopts separation sectional combination: PVC forming, Feeding, Heating sealing for one section; Tropical cold aluminum forming, Heating sealing and cutting for another one section for separately packaging.

It adopts electrical controlling system to make PVC, PTP, be cut automatically to guarantee the Synchronous stability of over- length distance and stations.

● It can be optional equipped with photocell correction device, imported stepper motor traction and image- character register to optimize packing grade.

● The machine is suitable for packaging of capsule, tablet, coating pills, syringes, medical instruments electronics and etc.

● All of working stations are adopted four columns for position. It is with stability performance and easy operation.New design Blister packing machine for tablet/capsule/honey.

● It can add pressing station. It can be with total of f our working stations of forming, sealing, pressing and cutting. It is widely suitable for all requirements of packaging.New design DPP-120 Blister packing machine for tablet/capsule/honey

● It can add Waste edge device, The waste is in good consistent and clean after cut. It's easy to clean.

● Box body can be adjusted through swing type gear with level. It is easy to adjust and check. New design DPP-120 Blister packing machine for tablet/capsule/honey.

● PVC film roller is built-in, it's sealing and dust-free.




Cutting Frequency



Travel Range

30-100mm (Adjustable)

Max forming area


Max Forming Depth

20mm( customized according to customer requirements)

Main motor power


Upper heating power


Lower heating power


Heat sealing heating power


Air volume flow


Air pump pressure






Dialysis paper


Overall dimensions

2070×650×1060 mm



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