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Automatic Weighing Potato Chips Packing Machine

Specifications for Kos-420A Weighing Chips Packaging Machine: 

Model No.: KOS-420A
Powder: 3 KW
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Bag length: 80-400mm
Bag width: 80-250mm
Packing Speed: 10-70 bags/min
Metering range: 150-1200m
Weight: 600kg
Air consumption: 0.65mpa
Gas consumption: 0.3m3/min
Packaging Material: Film
Automatic grade: Full automatic
Packaging types: Bag packing
Bulk packaging: Composite roll film
Sealing type: Back sealing
Option device: Coding machine, inflator, gusset device, connected device, punching device
Function: Filling, Packing, sealing, metering, Bar code identification, printing, forming a packaging container, the secondary packaging, coding, marking, wrapping
Appplication: Catering, food, clothing, chemical, home textile, daily chemical, toys, tobacco and alcohol, medicine, hardware, machinery, gifts, crafts.

Structure and Composition for the Automatic Weighing Packing Machine: 

Ten heads micro-computer combination weigh: High-precision sensor, stable 10 buckets, for accurate metering

Z-type conveyor: Stable operation 

Stainless steel working platform: high weighing, high wear resistance, loss resistance

Vibrating feeder: Fully automatic feeding

Host: Servo motor, quiet operation and long life

Performance characteristics for Kos-420A Weighing Food Packaging Machine:

1. Equipped with safety protection and meets the requirements of enterprise safety management.
2. Adopt intelligent temperature controller, accurate temperature control, ensure beautiful sealing and smooth.
3. The PLC servo system, pneumatic control system and large display touch screen form the drive control core; the control precision, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine are improved.
4. The machine can automatically complete the metering in the metering configuration. The entire packaging process of feeding, filling and bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), and finished product delivery, and automatic counting.
5. The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of 10 different products, and can be used at any time when the product is replaced without re-setting.
6. Faulty display system has failed, helping to eliminate faults in time
7. Variety of bags, can be made according to customer needs: pillow bag, back seal, gusset, even bag, hanging hole bag.
8. 420 single belt transport film, fast and stable, low friction, less loss.
9. Can have all stainless steel models and carbon steel spray models.

Applications for Vertical Weighing Chips Packing Machine:

Food: chips, popcorn, biscuits, ice cream, instant noodles, ham, pasta, chocolate

Fruits and vegetables: snake fruit, green beans, tomatoes, celery, strawberries, tomatoes

Daily use: scouring pad (washing cloth), wet wipes, double-sided tape, paper cup, soap, tableware

Hardware: Screw nuts, Electronic Cigarettes, Pneumatic Components, Aluminum Panels, Chains, Bearings

Medicine: tablets, hemostatic bandages, infusion sets, cotton swabs, gauze, syringes

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