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5 Types of Pouch Packaging for Coffee Are Popular in USA

Your coffee packaging is your brand ambassador, a communicator of your company values, and what keeps your coffee fresh. It is a vital piece of your marketing and ensures the quality of your product on its journey to reach your loyal consumers. So don't treat it as an afterthought; give your coffee packaging the attention it rightfully deserves.

As you look at store shelves in the coffee section, you will likely see 5 main types of coffee packaging bags, shown below: 



With a flat top and a rounded, oval-shaped bottom, the DOYPACK or stand-up pouch differentiates itself from more typical coffee package types. A common and convenient type of packaging, the doypack is a bit round at the bottom, almost like a can, and flat at the top. A preformed foot allows it to stand up nicely, regardless the filling weight, and also makes the product stand out on any shelf. It also typically has a zipper for reclosing it. All these features give the consumer the impression that what they buy is worth their money.

5 Types of Pouch Packaging for Coffee Are Popular in USA




The FLAT BOTTOM COFFEE BAG is one of the most popular packaging formats in the coffee industry. It features a prominent shelf presence and is able to stand unassisted for maximum impact. Often the top of the bag is folded over or completely down into a brick shape and sealed.

Flat bottom pouch bears resemblance to the quad seal bag but has a flat bottom. The name says it all: its square style makes it look almost like a box. This gives it perfect stand-up properties and great marketing possibilities. It also allows you a lot of of possibilities in terms of zipper, sizes, and designs. In the US, where this type of bag is common, it’s usually rolled up to create a tight brick-shaped package, while in Europe it’s commonly sold with a reclosable zipper.


coffee packaging



A QUAD SEAL BAG is of a similar style to the side fold bag, popular in the coffee industry. The main difference is that, as the name indicates all four corners are sealed. This gives the packaging more of a square look, and makes it possible to integrate a zipper. This bag has crisp side seals, can stand unassisted, and is attention-grabbing for its modular look. This coffee packaging bag type holds its shape very well and can support heavier fills of coffee. The quad seal bag usually is more costly than other bag styles. 

 QUAD SEAL BAG coffee packaging



The most economical and simplistic bag type, the PILLOW BAG is often used for fractional, single-serve coffee packaging formats. This bag style lays flat for display purposes. The pillow bag is by far the least costly to produce.

 PILLOW BAG coffee packaging


Fractional packs of coffee can be packaged BAG-IN-BAG into a larger package for food service or bulk sale purposes. Modern coffee packaging machines can form, fill, and seal the smaller frac packs and subsequently package those into a larger outer wrap on a single BAG-IN-BAG MACHINE.

BAG-IN-BAG (BIB) packaging coffee



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