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Sweet Packaging Machine:Which Confectionery Packaging is More Eye-catching to Customers?

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Confectionery is one of the world’s most consumed products as it is used in many households. It can be packaged in paper or plastic packages. In this high competitive arena, the only way for identifying your candy brands would be through the implementation of distinctive candy packaging properties. Our candy packaging bags are made from good quality and hygienic materials. Our candy packages protect the candy by just about any toxic contamination, smell, ants, moisture and oxygen and always make sure that the candy can easily remain pristine and sweet. Our candy bags are available at some reasonable rates. Our bags are designed into multiple film layers laminated together.


KOSBEST factory caters for all your candy substance products because we utilize the best raw materials for producing our candy packaging bags. Our bags are highly durable and cost effective.

candy packaging 

KOSBEST sweet packing machine and bagging machine are available to make variation of packaging styles to all candy packaging. Our candy packaging forms range among:

 Stand up pouchesSpout pouchesGusseted bag

 Quad seal type bag, doy pack type bag.

 Flat bottom bagsPillow bags and many others.

 Fording CartonGift box

candy packingfolding cartion packaging for candy

Our candy packaging bags are manufactured by utilizing various plastic films like:





 LLDPE, which enhance the durability of the candy packaging material.

Metalized or aluminium foil layers is also added with our candy bags which elongate the shelf life of the products.


We also offer custom printed candy bags by utilizing the rotogravure technique that allows us to print up to 9 colors. These bags are an effective advertising tool for your company. Different candy substances like candy in a liquid substance form, brown candy, white candy and alternative candy options like fruit candy are packaged in our candy packages.


Our candy pouches are a flexible packaging form which provides ease to storage and transportation process. You find our candy packaging consumer luring and shelf friendly. We also provide biodegradable candy bags which can be recycled and it is an eco-friendly packaging solution. We provide leakage proof candy packages which are very safe for candy products.

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