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How much automation do you need for your packaging line?

fully automatic packaging line or semi automatic packaigng line should you choose

Is the automated packaging system the best choice for your packaging operation?

 With the growing application of the automation into the manufacturing line, multiple industries can not only save their cost but also provide the more consistent quality products and improve profits.
When it comes to this question, the most significant step is to weigh the needs of your packaging operation. It matters to the interaction of labor and skills, quality, safety, productivity and profitability, which makes it a really crucial factor to determine whether we should use a semi automated or fully automated packaging machine in production line.

Depend on its purpose, both of them can greatly help manufacturer achieve their business objectives. The difference between automated packaging line and semi-automated packaging line is the employee interaction. The former with little to do no the employee involvement, while the latter one needs to the assistance of the workforce to maintain the operation, such as the artificial interface. Just as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Both of them has the merits and shortcomings, but they have things in common that they all contribute to lower the production cost and increase profit margins, and quality also improved.
 application of the packaging machines

Semi-automated packaging line gives a way to collaborative model that allows the automatic machinery and workers to work jointly. Even though human error and safety should be taken into consideration, but this also improve the flexibility of the packaging line. Besides, it can provide changeable plan for the manufacturing process, for the reason that not all the applications satisfy the accuracy or high speed of the fully automatic packaging system.
On the other hand, Employees can deal with the problems that may arise in the workshop, which are beyond the scope of any machine. Instead of waiting for feedback from the machine itself, skilled workers have the competence to use equipment to guarantee that any machine will stop in real time, rather than rely on machines to correct their mistakes.

Fully automatic packaging line By adopting a fully automated system, manufacturers have eliminated significant labor levels on manufacturing process. These processes are especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and meat and poultry industries. According to FDANEWS's report, human error accounts for nearly 80% of the errors in pharmaceutical and related manufacturing industries. By fully automated product lines and reducing labor force interactions, companies can continue to guarantee the safety of product, so as to improve this deviation and ensure customer satisfaction.
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Limit of your budget, skilled employee, safety concerns and the production needs as important factors should be taken into consideration when you are about to determine which packaging line and packaging equipment systems should you select.

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