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[VIDEO] How to install Blister Packaging Machine for AL-AL and AL-PVC Capsule

how to install blister packaging machine for al-al or al-pvc pills

Mainly applications:Packaging capsules, tablets, pills ,milk tables, candy, etc.

Area: For small pharmaceutical factory, health products factory, food factory, hospital preparation room, etc.

This machine is an advantage at home and abroad for innovative global packaging machinery design, machine key parts of the company, a number of innovative technologies. Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, tablet, drag, capsules, also packaged foods and small metal parts, electronic components. The machine set coil unwinding, alumium feeding, blister forming, filling materials, waste recycling, plastic heat sealing, printing batch number, textured indentation, forum cutter display counting functions is one machine, packaging materials good seal, safety and health. In conclusion, this machine can propel the pharmaceutical packaging process. If you purchase our machine, our packages provides machine learning functionality.

Installation Steps:

1. Firstly, the blister packing machine should be connected with the AIR PUMP before you turn on the powder. Then set all the parameters to a required value, especially set the heating and heat seal temperature controller to the appropriate temperature respectively.

2. Install PVC and Aluminum foil: pull the hard PVC through the passage to the punching knife; pull the aluminum foll under the hot seal plate. This process is skillful and require patience and time.

3. Equipped with temperature reserve chocolate feeder, when you finish Press the button and the machine turns to check if the finished aluminum and plastic products are in accordance with the requirement, then check whether the mesh of products and the batch number is clear.

4. Check whether the aluminum plastic compaction is smooth and check whether the punching is complete and the batch number is perforated or not.

5. The machine runs normally and starts production operation.


Features:Convenient, small size, light weight, low price

Advantage: Compact structure, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, simple operation and very low noise.

After sale: One year warranty, lifelong maintenance

Capsule Size(L*W*H): 16*5*3mm


Parameter Description:

Frequency: 50HZ

Machine weight: 560kg

Powder: 2.5kw

Dimension: 2070*650*1060mm



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