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Horizontal KB-250 Pillow Packaging Machine Flow Pack for Food Fruits Biscuit

KB250 Horizontal Flow Pack Automatic Pillow Packaging Food Fruits Biscuit    

Horizontal KB-250 Pillow Packaging Machine Flow Pack for Food Fruits Biscuit

1. The horizontal packaging machine KB-250 can automatically complete the products of fasteners conveying, measuring, filling, bag making, date printing, heat sealing and cutting etc.

2. Servo motor driving system is adopted in the packaging machine.
3. To ensure the same length of each bag, high sensitive electro-optical sensor system is provided to the realize automatic alignment on the packing film.
4. The packaging machine is equipped with a computer control system.
5. We have installed constant temperature heating system ensuring stable temperature and keep temperature is +/-1°c.
6. The electronic and pneumatic components of the machine are all supplied by reliable supplier cooperating with us for several years, which can ensure the quality of machine and save the cost of purchase meantime.
7. The bag size and packaging number can be customized by customers.

Horizontal KB-250 horizontal packaging machine Pillow Packaging Machine

Structure of Horizontal KB-250 Pillow Packaging Machine Flow Pack for Food Fruits Biscuit

Mini flow pack machine/mini flow pack/ horizontal flow pack machine Type 250 can pack: Bread, soap, biscuit, bread, cookies, chocolate, cereal, candy, vegetables, fruit, cutlery, fork, knife, bakery, chocolate bar, ice lolly, snack bar, biscuits, etc

application of Horizontal KB-250 Pillow Packaging Machine types of packaging machines

application of Horizontal KB-250 Pillow Packaging Machine Flow Pack

Bag Type:

bag types of Horizontal KB-250 Pillow Packaging Machine horizontal packging machine

1: Date coder
2: Alternative sealing patterns and notch
3: Full Stainless
4: Touchable Screen
5: Filled with air device
6: Release the air and punching

1. We can provide the operation videos of each product, and the CE certificate for each type of product.
2. The sample can be tested on the machine and the customer provides the sample. We test it on the machine.
3. Our engineers will provide paid home installation services based on your project.
4. If there is a problem with the machine, we will send a video tutorial or arrange a paid service for the Engineer.
5. The important parts of the machine are all famous brand products, and the quality is all of our pursuit.

1.Packaging Details: Export and Sea-worthy standard wooden case
2. After inspection, our machines are wrapped by plastic film and then carefully packed in wooden cases.

Dedust & Cleaning → lubricate Drive Parts → Divide Machine Into Modules → Wrap Modules With Plastic Film → Packing Modules into Plywood Cases → Mark Shipping Mark In The Cases

3. KOSBEST provides various types of packaging machines. If any special requirements, we will pack it as requested.

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