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Horizontal KB350 Plastic Film Flow Packaging Machine for Sale

Plastic Film Horizontal Flow Packaging KB350

Food Packing Pillow Bag for Biscuit Snacks Cookies

food packaging machine supplier KB350 Horizontal flow machine for sale

1. Touching controller with person-machine interface, parameter enacted quickly, high speed and high efficiency.
2. Adopting the tracing technology through photo-electricity, with digital input and sealing and cutting position nicely.
3. Diagnosing the troublesome and indicating to give an alarm.
4. Constant-temperature adjusting, brainpower controlling and being suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
5. Controlled by Double frequency conversion, the bag length can be cut with the enacting To finish by one step, saving time and saving film.



Packing speed


Bag size

L(80-350)mm* W(30-160)mm* H(5-65)mm

Film width


Packing material



(L)3900mm *(W)950mm*(H)1500mm

Heating power


Motor power


Total power


Overall weight


structure of KB350small food packaging machines horizontal flow packaging machine

1.Compact structure, stable and advanced performance, easy for operation.
2.Double frequency convert motor, and stepless variable speed, and the length of bag can be set on PLC, and cutting will be reaction instant, just one step, and save the time and film.
3.Adopt international famous electric components, PLC control, friendly operate interface, for convenient and rapid to set parameters.
4.The indication of fault is clear, and function is more humanized.
5.Hi-sensitive electric eye, which trace the printed web on film and make the sealing on accurate position.
6.Accurate temperature control, which is control the sealing temperature for various of packing film. And the sealing effect is very well.
7.Set the function of positioning power-off, without sticking to the blade and no waste of film.
8.Simple and clear transmission system with more reliable work and more convenient maintenance.
9.The control is realized through the soft, which facilitate the function regulation and technology upgrade, and they can also satisfy the production requirement.
10.Automatic feeder device on the blister, which is suitable for the automatic feeding for aluminum plastic dosage panel with many kinds of specifications.
11.The different plastic feeders and N2 blower are optional.

details about KB-350 horizontal flow packaging machine PLC Control Panel of Horizontal  KB350 Plastic Film Flow Packaging Machine for SaleThree servo motor of Horizontal  KB350 Plastic Film Flow Packaging Machine for Sale

These small food packaging machines are suitable for biscuits, rice, ice-cream, pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, moon cake, medicines, daily necessities, industrial parts, paper boxes or pallets and other packing regular objects.

Bag Type

bag type


application of small food KB-350 packaging machine suitable for food packaigng machine suppllier

>>Pre-sale Service

We will confirm customers' requirement clearly before giving suggestions to customers to make sure

the suggestion we give you is match your requirement. Then will give you good quotation.

1.Pick the client in hotel and airport or station to visiting our factory.

2.Before your order also learn how to using machine.


>>In-sale Service

After placing order to our produce department, we will follow well your orders and inform you the 

production status. We will supply you photos. 


>>After-sale Service

1. We can provide training your technicians, their accommodations will be free.

2. We will make the training VCR and send them to you to help your customers.

3. If there is any problems and wrongs on your machine, we will give you a quick reaction and 

solution once we receive the information from you. We will try our best at the earliest time.

4. We guarantee the whole machine for 24 months, except the fragile parts, starting from the day

which the machine is dispatched plus one month. 

e.g. If the machine leaves our factory on June.1st, 2018, the warranty will end on July 1st, 2019.

5. Within warranty, both mechanical and electronic parts could be replaced free of charge. 

All damages caused by improper use are excluded. Customers are required to send back the damage parts no later than one month.



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