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KB250X Horizontal Packaging Machine Small Food Bakery Packaging Equipment

Automatic toast bread bakery food packing machine

KB 250X bakery packaging equipment food packaging equipment

1.Compact structure, stable and advanced performance, easy for operation.
2.Double frequency convert motor, and stepless variable speed, and the length of bag can be set on PLC, and cutting will be reaction instant, just one step, and save the time and film.
3.Adopt international famous electric components, PLC control, friendly operate interface, for convenient and rapid to set parameters.
4.The indication of fault is clear, and function is more humanized.
5.Hi-sensitive electric eye, which trace the printed web on film and make the sealing on accurate position.
6.Accurate temperature control, which is control the sealing temperature for various of packing film. And the sealing effect is very well.
7.Set the function of positioning power-off, without sticking to the blade and no waste of film.
8.Simple and clear transmission system with more reliable work and more convenient maintenance.
9.The control is realized through the soft, which facilitate the function regulation and technology upgrade, and they can also satisfy the production requirement.
10.Automatic feeder device on the blister, which is suitable for the automatic feeding for aluminum plastic dosage panel with many kinds of specifications.
11.The different plastic feeders and N2 blower are optional.

specification of KB-250X small food packaging machine



KB-250 X

Packaging film width



Bag length

65-190/120-280mm(Low knife)

90-220mm(high knife)


or 120-280mm

Product height

5-40mm(low knife)/5-55mm(high knife)



more than 40mm can be ordered according to the client requirement

Film roll diameter


Packaging speed

40-280 bags/min

40-230 bags/min


220V50HZ 2.5kw

220V50HZ 2.4KW

Overall dimensions



Overall weight




can match inflatable (air or nitrogen), play yards device

Packaging Materials:Can be single-sided heat sealing packaging materials (such as OPP, CPP, OPP composite PE, PET composite PE, such as single-layer or composite materials)

structure of the KB-250X bakery packaging machine

1. Double frequency converter control, bag length that is cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, one step in place, save time and save the film.
2. Man-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and quick.
3. Fault self diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.
4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye mark tracking, digital input seal cutting position, so that the seal cutting position more accurate.
5. Temperature independent PID control, better for all kinds of packaging materials.
6. Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of packing film material.
7. Drive system is simple, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance.
8. All control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrading, and never falls behind.

Optional configuration:

1. punching device 

2. Special sealing way 

3. Stainless steel 

4. Dozen yards Machine Exhaust

dozen yards Machine Exhaust)

This Small Food Packaging Machine is suitable for moon cakes, ice cream, rice, bread, and the snow egg yolk pie, chocolate, candy instant noodles, biscuits, medicine, daily necessities, industrial parts, paper boxes or pallets of all kinds have rules of the objects in the packaging.

application of  KB-250X small food packaging machine food packaging equipment

Bag Type

bag type

▪ Before Purchasing: We will provide professional technical project and sales consultation service to solve the customers' question and worried;

▪ During Production: Timely updates the machine status for customer to ensure delivery time, and quality

▪ After Production: Machine testing video and photos will be provided for inspection, if the customer can't come;

▪ Before & During Shipment: The machine will be cleaned and packaged before transportation; All the documents will be provided for the seller;

▪ Installation & Training: Providing professional and expert technical engineers to supply the training and installation service.

▪ After Sales Service; Dedicated department and engineers for providing the timely and efficient service when the clients' need, such as formula, parameters setting, and spare parts.

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