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[VIDEO] How to Operate Horizontal Package Wrapping Machine KB-450 Pillow Pack Machine

Horizontal Flow Packing Machine KB-450 also callled as pillow packaging machine, it is suit for two-side seal packing and three-side seal packing. Always used for packing food, daily appliance, hardware, toys, etc. 

To safely operate this package wrapping machine, 4 main steps are involved:

1. Safety Check: Before starting the equipment, check the working table, conveyor belt and horizontal seal knife seat with no sundries. Check the electrical control circuit to ensure the power is cut off.

2. Fill Installing: Install the film according to the packing film winding diagram, click the film through two rollers. then open the rubber roller controler handle, pull throught the bag maker to the bottom conveyor belt.

3. Heating: Turn on the heater switch the heating indicator light. Generally 20 minutes to reach the set temperature.

4. Adjusting: Press the start button to start the equipment, cut 4-5 bags, observe the forming condition of the film, measure the condition of the bag length.

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