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Automatic KS-SJB Tea Bag Packaging Machine for Triangle nylon Bag / Pocket

The KS-SJB Automatic Packaging Machine is an automatic high-precise equipment specially designed to seal and pack the triangle nylon bag at 60-80 mm wide and 40-80 length for Chinese herbal tea, green tea, black tea, flower tea, health tea, medicine tea, granule tea, coffee granule and so on.

KS SJB Tea Bag Packaging Machine tea packaging machine price

With advanced ultrasonic sealing technology and precise control system, KS-SJB is capable of automatically finish forming bag-measuring-material filling-sealing-cutting, to pack 20-30 bags per minute in accurate positioning. Packaging materials,nylon, nonwoven fabric, 100% degrading transparent film of 0.04-0.06 mm thickness are available to be adopted on KS-SJB.

KS-SJB triangle packaging machine Triangle nylon Bag

Non-trace and hygiene, triangle tea bag made on KS-SJB take obvious advantage in no excess edge width and no waste of packaging material, and do great help for increasing the contact area of top-quality tea and spreading the tea taste, that would bring added value for product and impress the target customers a lot at the same time. In hence, KS-SJB is quite a economical packaging solution for both pharmaceutical and food company with a reasonable tea packaging machine price.



KS-SJB triangle packaging machine can be applied for automatically packing products such as herbal tea, green tea ,black tea,flower tea ,health tea,medicine tea,granule tea,coffee granule and so on . 

application sample of triangle tea bag with  the tea bag packaging machine 


1.  KS-SJB tea bag packing machine can automatically finish the whole packaging process: forming bag--measuring--material filling-sealing-cutting ;

2. Both flat bag packaging and triangle volumetric packaging can be made on this machine.

3. Applicable packing materials:Nylon, film with thread and label, nonwoven fabric.

4. Electronic metering scale can be collocated according to customer demands.

5. Adopting human-computer interface, Omron PLC control system, and the servo motor driven,KS-SJB can manufature the the bag manufatured from KS-SJB is stable, the positioning is accurate and the adjusment of machine is convenient.

6. Main motor overload protection device

7. Automatic adjustment device for packaging material tension

8. While fault occurs, the machine will automatically issue warning and stop immediately.




Technical data:

Model No.:



20-30 bags/Min(Determined by packing material)

Filling precision

+-2%(Determined by packing material)

Bag size


Packing film


Filling range


film thickness


Packing material

Nylon, Polyester net  non-woven fabrics, ultrasonic sealing materials

air consumption

0.6m3/min 0.8Mpa

total power



220V    50HZ

air compressor

No less than 1 cube







triangle tea bag

Application Case


details about KS SJB packaging machine

      Kindly Reminder:

  Please let us know the follow packing details when you offer,so that we can check if this model is suitable for your case.Thank you in advance.

  1. Product details

  2. Bag width,bag length

  3. Bag shape

  4. Packing film material

  5. Machine frame

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