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Auto Continuous Aluminum Foil Seal Packaging Machine Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Capper

aluminum foil seal packaging machine

aluminum foil capper

 Aluminum film electromagnetic sealer use to seal bottles with PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS materials,but not suitable for sealing metal material of the bottles.

 Aluminum film electromagnetic sealer can be sealing medical, chemical, food, beverage, cosmetic, lubricant trades.

 Aluminum film electromagnetic sealer working principle is electromagnetic induction theory. High frequency current brings to high frequency magnetic field, and high frequency magnetic field produces high frequency current to heating the aluminum foil rapidly, to make the foil adhesive to the mouth of the bottles. and so the foil can be adhesive to the mouth of the bottles.

In electromagnetic field, aluminum foil swiftly generates heat by huge eddy current, melting the lower film into adhesion with bottle mouth, which results in quick and non contact gas sealing.

        ♦ Sealing height to be decided by bottle height;

        ♦ Conveying speed to be adjusted by actual conditions;

        ♦Sealing power to be adjusted by adhesion condition between film and bottle mouth;

        ♦ Auto-sealing finishes when fastened bottles in the aluminum foil are placed on the conveyor belt and pass through the sealing case.

The food packaging sealing machine can be widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality.

bottle packagingbottle packaging alumunum foil capper


       ▇ Put the machine on the workbench smoothly, connect the ground wire and switch on the power.

       ▇ This machine should be used in the clean, dry, non-corrosive and airy environment, and keeping away from heat sources.

       ▇ This machine is capable for sealing on the contains in plastic, glass, or paper material, while the metal containers are not allowable.

       ▇ Adjust the distance between bottleneck and inductive head based on the size and height of bottleneck. 


Aluminum foil sealing machine


Brand new





Automation degree

Full automatic



Working mode

Continuous work 



Production capacity

0-200(times /min)

Packing type


Sealing diameter

φ 15-60mm ,30-85mm,50-120mm. 

Packing material

Aluminum Foil

Transportation speed


Cooling way


Production capacity

0-200 bottles/min

Applicable industries

The food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco, chemical industry. 

Applicable objects

 Milk, powder, pill, car oil, dried fruit, the hair care products, engine oil . Cosmetics, skin care products kind of, yogurt , sauce, toothpaste, liquid .

details about alumunum foil capperdetails about alumunum foil capperdetails about alumunum foil capper sealing

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