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Vertical Granular Spice Packing Machine with Two Column

Specifications Parameters for KOS-620B Granule Spice Packing Machine: 

Model No.: KOS-620KB
Capacity: 70-110bag/min
Range of measurement: 1-100ml(need change cup)
Bag size: (L)20-200mm, (W)15-100mm
Sealing type: back sealing
Power: 2.20KW
Voltage: 220V/50-60HZ, 380V/50HZ
Packing material: Paper/ the polyethylene, polyester/ aluminum foil/ polyethylene, nylon/ polyethylene, tea filter paper, etc
Machine Weight: 400kg
Machine Size: 120*800*1700mm

Description for Vertical Granule Packaging Machine: 

The KOS-620KB is a two-columm packaing machine specialized in packing granule products. It is designed to improve the efficiency and cut down the cost, and to provide the new choice to automatic pack special products. It can be used for packaging products with loose and non-viscous structure, the thick powder, granular products for pharmaceutical, food, plant seeds, cosmetic, chemical industry, and for plastic products, like granule spices, star anise, fennel, cinnamon, pepper, white sugar, pellet, green tea, black tea, cereal, etc. 

Features for Granule Spices Packaging Machine:

1. High output with multi-column packaging, KS-620KB can automatically finish the whole packaging course:metering- bag making- filling-sealing- cutting- counting, hot pressing batch number.
2. PLC and touching control system.Each column is equipped with a separate control button and a separate program for control, so, each single column can work separately, and omce one of the columns can't work, and the others are running normally with no affect.
3. Display screen control system and stainless steel box. Once setting the required parameters on displayable parts, for example, the filling amount and bag length, the control system will automatic optimize the matching action, to realize the perfect packaging speed.
4. Stepper motor control with high accuracy. It can adjust the length of bag-making with no error in no need to adjust other parts.
5. When packaging materials with colour label, packaging bag made on KS-620KB is of complete brand pattern; the device for standing packaging papper adopts self-weight motor and paper pressing and feeding structure, which would increase the length of delivered paper and make the bag-making flattening in good edge.
6. Stepless adjustment for speed and the length of bag: packing speed and length of bag-making can be stepless adjusted within the rated range in no need of exchanging any parts.
7. The unique embedded sealing technology is adopted. Both the strengthening type heat-sealing mechanism, and the intelligent temperature control instrument is connected to ensure the good heat balance to suit all kinds of packing material, the execllent performance with low noise, the clear sealing pattern.

8. According to the needs of user, it is possible to achieve horizontal cutting and pattern cutting, and shaped joint cutting by changing the tool, so that the cutter can be stable and reliable cutting without bags suck.

Applications in Granule Spices Packaging:

The granule spices are including rosemary, pimento, paprika, white pepper, caraway, mustard, cardamon, black pepper, cloves, pink pepper, coriander, fennel, etc.  

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