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Vacuum Tea Packing Machine Dry Fruits Vacuum Packaging

Specifications for Kos-T48 Tea Packaging Machine: 

Filling arrange: 3-10G
Packing Speed: 25-55bag
Packaging error: -0.2~+ 0.2 g
Air consumption: 15L / Min
Air pressure: 4-6KG
Total power: 220v/50HZ/0.5kw
Dimesion: 725*600*1105
Machine Weight: 180KG
Input Power: Single phrase 220V
Vacuum Packaging: Yes

Product Introduction for Vacuum Tea Packaging Machine:

The vacuum tea packaging machine is specially designed for packing non-sticky granular, bar-shaped, or powdery material into small vacuum packaging bag, which is suitable for tea, food, grain, seeds, fruit, preserved fruit, miniature components, chemical and pharmaceutical products, etc.

Product properties for Tea Vacuum Packing Machine:

The vacuum machine uses plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as packaging material for various instruments and medicines, food, fruit, pickles, preserved fruits, aquatic products, native products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and military supplies. 

Features of the Vacuum Packaging Machine for tea pouch packaging:

1. Four work station of outer bag turntable and external vacuum packing function
2. Vacuum time, sealing time, length and width of vacuum packaging bag, length of inner bag, sealing line position , all of these can be adjusted depending on user demands.
3. The packaging vacuum speed is faster, and the two groups of electronic measurement weigher are installed for higher accuracy;
4. PID temperature controller is adopted to control the sealing temperature, which can ensure each package in flat sealing and thus improve the yield.
5. the man-machine separation design. The operation interface adopts PLC program to control the whole touching screen for simple and convenient operatiom, and increaing efficiency.
6. Simple structure, with rational, intelligence, high- technology layout.
7. Compared with artifical packing, finished packaging bag made on this machine has high stability, simple appearance and better effect than artificial packing.
8. Multi-functional. Except automatic protection and manual detection, this machine can be comstomized with the funtion to print production date on packaging bag.
9. Easy management, Each person can manage more than 10 sets of KS-T48, which greatly reduce labor cost.
10. KS-T48 is capable of sealing various shapes of packaging bags.

Application for Vacuum Bag Tea Packaging Machine:

All kinds of tea, rock tea, white tea, black tea, tea, Tieguanyin, green tea, jasmine tea, plum tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc. in shape of bar, particles, needle-shaped, flat, spiral-shaped, sheet-shaped, block-shaped and so on.

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